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The next day I receive on and RS gold notice my lender is messed up. . .YES JAGEX eliminated many of my precious items as punishment... really an unbelievable volume. I was angry but what can I really do. . .so I kept playing and soon after appeared in my stats... my 99 woodcutting. . .is now 97. . .my 90 mining is 89 and my other stats are down at least two levels. . .except burglar... thats still 99,... now im absolutely mad.

Guess I have a great deal of work to do. . .anyways ultimately the 3rd thing they did which was likely what pis*&Id off the most is my entire bank account was rearragned and no longer in order. . .OCD kicked in. . .they dont even know how long that required me to install lmao! Guess I have a lot of work before me. Either way... just the fact that there is bots upsets me since that's the main reason this all occurred. Comment out if out of all the punishments..the reality that the entire bank was staged could pis* you off the most!

SCENARIO: Unexpected changes are happening in Jagex headquarters. Activity amounts are low, there's discontent among the active players, and the team has run out of thoughts. To be able to bring the game back to its former glory in middle college campuses throughout the Earth, Jagex fires the present head of Runescape and makes the decision to engage you for that place.

You are now the head of a large multiplayer game and also have increased influence. There's a problem though: what do you need to do? If I were the thoughts of Runescape I would confess not just is Runescape fighting but the genre is fighting (see World of Warcraft for example). However, one such match is going strong and that is League of Legends. I would not copy what League of Legends is doing but try to check at some things you could learn from that match.

I would also think of enhancing the combat system. At the moment the battle system is fun for PvM but futile for PvP. Since PvM is almost completely members only newest players will never get a flavor of PvM. Therefore I propose reforming the system a bit so it is compatible with PvP. Right now the battle system is way too strong and offensively based for PvP. Perhaps adding in some more defensive abilities and reducing the ability of assault abilities at least in the presence of gamers would be a step in the right direction. And of course I would listen to the players for buy old school runescape gold ideas. Jagex has ever been doing this though, even though not with 100% efficacy.



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