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1.    Large winding diameter (up to 1500mm) variable frequency drive, constant tension control.
2.    Online crusher, frequency control, closed recycling.
3.    Precision five-roll calendar drive system allows the sheet to cool sufficiently under high-volume extrusion.
4.    The whole line adopts man-machine interface display, PLC controls one-button speed increase, and realizes automation.
5.    The melt metering control is used to realize closed-loop control with the extruder to make the extrusion amount more uniform.
6.    The frame is made of heavy-duty steel to make the machine more stable.
7.    The screw adopts a venting structure, which is more convenient to process raw materials, better plasticized, and has fewer crystal spots on the surface of the sheet.
8.    The three-roller arrangement is divided into three types: upright, oblique, and horizontal, which are suitable for molding various materials.
ModelExtruderInstalled Power (kW)Output (kg/h)Product Specification 锛?/span>mm锛?/span>Dimension 锛?/span>m锛?/span>Applicable  material
PY1400酶130/36350600鈮?300/0.2-221脳7.5脳5.5PPplastics machinery price

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