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Desalination is the production of fresh water by desalination. It is an open-source incremental technology to realize the utilization of water resources, which can increase the total amount of fresh water, and is not affected by time, space and climate, and can guarantee the stable water supply for coastal residents, such as drinking water and industrial boiler make-up water.
The process of obtaining fresh water from seawater is called desalination. At present, the desalination methods used include sea water freezing method, electrodialysis method, distillation method, reverse osmosis method, and ammonium carbonate ion exchange method. At present, reverse osmosis membrane method and distillation method are the mainstream in the market.
Technological Process Flow Chart:
Ultrafiltration is to use the interception ability of porous materials to remove a certain size of impurity particles in water by physical interception. Under pressure driving, water, organic low molecular, inorganic ions and other small-sized substances in the solution can reach the other side of the membrane through micropores on the fiber wall, while bacteria, colloid, particles, organic macromolecules and other large-sized substances in the solution can not be intercepted through the fiber wall, so as to achieve the purpose of screening different components in the solution. The process is normal temperature operation, no phase change, no secondary pollution. Ultrafiltration equipment is to filter the water quality with ultrafiltration membrane as the core product, and the water produced is the mineral water we usually call.Water Purification Machinery

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