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TRT (Blast Furnace Top Gas Recovery Turbine) operates under severe conditions such as a large amount of smoke dust, corrosive gas and washing water. In addition, the gas directly discharged from the top contains untreated dust, which causes sharp wear and corrosion to rotating blades and stationary blades, and often causes losses and cracks at the blade root due to erosion and corrosion.
Countermeasures and measures
(1) Wear-resistant treatment of cermet coating is carried out on the leaves of TRT rotating blades and stator blades, then drying is carried out, demagnetization and electrical deviation test correction are carried out, and dynamic balance experiments are carried out.
(2) Embedded parts of moving blades. In the place where pitting corrosion occurs, there is the possibility of cracking at the stress concentration part at the bottom of pitting corrosion, which needs to be removed by grinding. After pitting corrosion is removed, magnetic particle inspection and ultrasonic inspection shall be carried out. Therefore, rotating blades should be pulled out periodically and coating treatment should be carried out again. The dry TRT is coated with silicone resin at the gap to prevent the invasion of soot and the like. There are two methods of coating, either brushing to form a thin film or filling to bury the entire gap. Although the filling coating has a better prevention effect on the invasion of soot, it requires a longer maintenance period compared with the film method.
(3) spare blades. Prepare spare blades before regular inspection. When problems are found during inspection, TRT can be recovered by replacing the spare blades, which has the advantage of shortening the maintenance period. In addition, the detached blade can not be limited by the regular maintenance period, so it can take time for precise repair and coating treatment with good anti-corrosion effect.
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