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Product Introduction
TN Negative LCD display stands for twisted nematic negative liquid crystal display. This is a type of LCD (a form of LED) panel display technology. TN panels are characterized as being the fastest and cheapest among the other main types of display panels.
Product Parameter
ProductTwist AngleOperating Temp.VoltagePolarizer TypeDisplay ModeView AngleConnection TypeDrive Type
TN-LCD90掳Ordinary temp.: 0-50鈩?
Sub-wide temp.: -10-60鈩?
Wide temp.: -20-70鈩?
Super wide temp.: -30-80鈩?
Limitation temp.: -40-85鈩?/p>Low voltage: 锛?V;
Ordinary voltage: 3V-5V;
    High voltage: 锛?VReflective
Negative3 o'clock
6 o'clock
9 o'clock
12 o'clockPIN
Product application
Industrial and instrumental applications -- Smart meter
Home and smart appliances -- Washing machine
Medical devices -- Infusion pumpTN LCD Display quotation


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