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When many outsiders think of eve echoes isk, I am prepared to wager that the first thing that comes to mind are the tales told of New Eden's Capsuleers -- the participant pilots that write the history of the secondary universe. More often than not, when we in the media accounts an EVE story, it is talking only about the escapades of a player or Corporation doing something astonishing. The framework of EVE Online is based in its lore -- something that doesn't get talked about enough when discussing the long-running MMORPG.

And he's definitely not promoting the MMORPG short. Story threads that connect players with the world around them are being laid years in advance -- and after 17 years in life, EVE Online knows the way to allow for the story seeds to be sown. Players consistent concept craft, questioning every element of the EVE lore on Reddit, the EVE forums, various player run Discord stations. I remember being at EVE Amsterdam last year and sat around a table with some players as they discussed the Triglavian invasion in detail, questioning everything form the language to why the fact the alien race did everything in threes was significant.

Players in many games often question and come up with theories around where a story is moving in an MMO. But with EVE Online, every action a player makes may have the potential to change not merely their own gameplay at the time, but spiral into something important down the road. "I combined CCP ten decades back," Bergur continued,"and I joined the EVE Online group in 2014. The Drifters were actually one of the first things I worked in EVE. And my kind of greatest pet peeve once I started in EVE was the fact that I always felt that, you know, you had the match -- the amazing EVE Online world and interactions here. And PvE and Missions -- they sort of sat out, it did not matter that some of the articles existed out -- it didn't matter that some of the content existed. You can kill the exact same rat again, again, again, and again and it did not affect the world in meaningful ways.

Therefore, going back to 2014, if you have been paying attention, you can start to find the seeds of this storyline that's still happening now. These story threads are not only strengthened by CCP themselves, but researched, dissected and discussed one of the community as I alluded to earlier. But even CCP get in on the action, such as The Scope, an in-game information cast that discusses important story beats and upgrades from the point of view of an in-game news group.

Some new players might be remiss in believing this was participant made, but infact it's from CCP themselves. And it doesn't just consist of hard specifics about the update or narrative beat it was designed to market -- enthusiastic eyed players might just find some of the conspiracy theories they've discussed also make an appearance -- a direct line in the community discussion of this lore and buy EVE Mobile ISK the team that produces the game.



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