Our History
Guangdong bohao composites Co.,Ltd was founded in October 2004, has more than 16 years service experience in composite material industry,in 2012 our Nankang branch company was founded ,in 2016 ,Hainan branch company was founded,in 2019, both Hunan and Hubei branch companies are founded , we established long-term strategic cooperative partnership with the world's leading manufacturers of raw materials, meanwhile,our company is authorized be an exclusive distributor in south China,we are the top one FRP distributor in south China,with excellent quality and service ,our product received high reputation from our clients all over the world.
Our Product
Fiberglass mat ,fiberglass fabric,fiberglass roving yarn ,biaxial fabric,carbon fiber,resin,hardener,silica gel,vacuum auxiliary material,vacuum equipment,FRP molding,FRP tool aerospace, rail transit ,shipbuilding, wind power,military equipment,sanitary ware,sports equipment ,chemical anticorrosion (pipeline storage tank,flue gas desulfurization, anticorrosion engineering) building materials, pipeline repair and other general industrial industries.
Our certificate
Aramid Fiber Fabric For Marine for sale