Zhejiang LiSin Fluid Machinery Co., Ltd (Former Name: Wenzhou LiSin Technology Co., Ltd) is a proud manufacturer of stainless steel sanitary clamp, coupling, pipe support, grooved pipe fittings, sanitary pipe fittings, industrial pipe fittings.
LiSin was established in 2002, the products are widely used in pharmaceutical, dairy food and beverage, wine, fermentation engineering, beer, cosmetics, drinking water, fire fighting pipeline, chemical equipment and valves, piping and other products manufacturing, design, installation and debugging services etc.
In recent years, the company leaders traveled to Germany, Belgium, Brazil, the United States, Korea, India and other countries for marketing research, the products are praised by foreign customers. After a large-scale transformation and the introduction of foreign advanced equipment, rigorous management and recruitment of outstanding technicist to produce our products, through these series of measures to make LiSin products leader in the industry.
LiSin has CE Certification awarded by German TUV NORD Certification company, ISO9001-2008 and 3A certification, etc. The products are manufacturing strictly in accordance with international standards of ASTM, 3A, SMS, DIN, IDF, RJT, UL213,etc, that makes LiSin have developed into a well-known enterprise at home and abroad.
Where there are pipelines, there is LiSin, LiSin will listen to your voice carefully, let's do the best!Clamp Ferrule Made in China