1. Product Introduction
Large toolmaker microscope, with huge worktable size and angle division range, can image clearly in a large field of view and carry out a large range, multi-element measurement in a high accuracy. The accessories are various so that the large toolmaker microscope is widely used. Large toolmaker microscope assembled with digital display box, which real-time display the measurement data.
2. Product Parameter
Measuring range: 150mm脳75mm
Resolution: 0.001mm
Accuracy: (2+L/50)渭m (where L is the measured length, in mm)
Round table
Diameter: 190mm (glass), 280mm (metal)
Angle division range: 0掳~360掳
Angle measurement with circular table
JX14B鈥檚 resolution: 3 '
Worktable bearing: 20kg
Microscope column
Tilt range: 卤12掳
Tilting Angle division value: 30 '
Room temperature: 20鈩兟?鈩?
Relative humidity 40%-60%
External dimension of the instrument (mm) : 720脳 460脳 600 (L脳W 脳H)
Mainframe weight: 100kg
3. Product feature and application
The worktable of the large toolmaker microscope is large in size, and the main microscope can be tilted to the left and right. The machine, with fast moving and micro devices, transmission and reflection lighting, can easily measure the outline, size and angle of large parts. Digital display box real-time display of measurement data. Besides, it's easy to operate the large toolmaker microscope.low price Toolmakers Microscope