Product Description
This product is an early childhood education baby game card,Learning card, flash card, a total of 30 game cards, the size is 118 * 152mm, Cute animation design and scene design. It can stimulate children's interest, reduce their dependence on computer games, and cultivate children's logical thinking ability and teamwork ability.
Product Parameters
Product description: trading card game for kids
Name:yhx-cd-014 trading card game for kids
Material:300g coated paper
Production size:118*152mmPlace of Origin:Shenzhen city
Printing:4 color printing, Double sided printingSurface:Gloss varnishing oil
Production weight:銆€123gPackage carton:100 box per cartom
MOQ:1000PCSDelivry time:25 day銆€
Package box:銆€Paper tuck boxSample time:7-10 day銆€
Game card test certificateCPSIA EN71 certificate
Card Game of Child Picture
The kids Card game Front view
Real picture of game card
The kids game card and box display
Picture of game card package
What are the shapes of customized products?
1. Square card, rectanglecard, circle card, diamond card, trapezoid card, abnormity card.
2. We can custom print the cards on card front side, card back side and on packaging box.
Customize the material of the game card
Material designationThicknessMaterial designationThickness
250g Double coated paper0.24mm-0.25 mm300g Double coated paper0.29-0.3 mm
350g Double coated paper0.35-0.36 mm400g Double coated paper0.39-0.41 mm
0.3mm matt white pvc0.3 mm0.32mm matt white pvc0.32 mm
Could you provide kids of card game for test?
Yes, we can provide the kids of game card SGS certification CPSIA, EN71 certificate.
The function of children's game card and learning card
1. The kids of game cards play an irreplaceable role in other forms of entertainment. First, it's safe and fun. Today's parents regard their children as the hope of the future. They want them to set up a learning concept when they are young, but they can't keep them in touch with mobile phones and computers. After all, these electronic devices are not good for the eyes, and it's easy for children to become dependent on them. The game cards are different. This paper-based card has no need to worry about safety issues at all. Parents can also accompany children Children play together, so that children will soon fall in love with this way of learning, next time without reminding, he will take the initiative to ask to play with him.
2. Secondly, the game card can well cultivate children's logical thinking ability and team cooperation ability. As we all know, playing game cards is a team game. If teammates pay attention to cooperation, a game will be easy to win. In this process, children will naturally form a kind of ability to think actively and improve their logical thinking ability. These are things children can't learn in textbooks, which is far better than knowing a few English words It is more important to be able to write several compositions. The importance is not only reflected in children's study and life, but also has great guiding significance for children's later Card Game