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Details of air cushion delivery system
Professional air cushion manufacturers provide the first - class top - bucket film delivery system. We provide a variety of protective packaging machinery and materials, such as: air cushion machine, paper cushion machine, adhesive tape machine and air cushion film, kraft paper, etc. Hopper film feeding system is an accessory of protective packaging solution equipment with simple structure, convenient movement and fast operation.
Parameters of air cushion delivery system
  Cushion Type:  Air Tube/Air Bubble/Air Pillow
  Film Thickness:  13um-35um
  Film Type:  All
  Air pillow Film Width:  400m/600m
  Options:  -SS(double sensors)
  Weight:  28kg(Main module)/15kg(Hopper Assembly)
  Auto Positional stop:  Top+Bottom
  Film anti-drop Protect :  Yes
  Palletizing:  2sets/pallet
  Pallet Size:  1100x1100mm
  Certification:  N.A.
Qualification certification
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