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Activated carbon special for Purify VOC, toluene
Material: Activated carbon
Effect: Efficiently remove benzene, toluene, xylene, TVOC, odor and other pollutants;, effectively purify the air. It has been widely used due to its high efficiency of purification and long service time.
Modified activated purify formaldehyde
Material: Twice activated carbon + catalyst
Effect:Remove effectively formaldehyde and other harmful substances arising from indoor decoration. Besides removal via traditional adsorption, it also adds catalytic decomposition, which can truly remove formaldehyde and other pollutants effectively.
Carbon cloth
Material: High quality granular activated carbon and non-woven fabric by a specific production process
Function: Can be used for High-efficiency or medium- efficiency filtration, featuring the benefit of , good adsorption, high strength, easy molding, low resistance, long service life and etc. Very good adsorption effect on Benzene, formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide, sulfur compounds, ammonia and other polluting gases and can also filter dust, etc..
coconut shell carbon
(added high quality platinum catalyst )
high quality platinum catalyst
high quality formaldehyde removing catalyst
TypeDiameterPoint valueIntensityContentMain functionAdsorbabilityThe measured removal rate by combing
Activated Carbon1.5-4800-1200>95%/Adsorb formaldehyde, benzene type, ammonia, TVOC, Free Odor Peculiar Smell etc.80-96%Formaldehyde锛?br/>50-400m鲁/h
Modified activated carbon2.5-41000卤20>95%/Respectively for
Aldehyde type, benzene type, amine type95-97%
Formaldehyde removal red ball2.5-5/>94%7%-10%Adsorb hydrogen sulfide,formaldehyde,sulfur dioxide80-90%
Formaldehyde removal particles1.5-3/>93%/Professional removal formaldehyde95-97%
Sepiolite ball2.5-4/>96%20-85%Adsorbed odor molecules,
Putrescine, cadaverine, phenylpyrrole and butanol70-85%
Photocatalyst sponge3-20mm//>45%Special formaldehyde removal40-60%
Activated carbon sponge3-20mm//>45%Adsorb formaldehyde and benzene type,
Ammonia, TVOC,
Free Odor Peculiar Smell40-60%
Carbon cloth1-2.5800-1200/30-90%Adsorb formaldehyde and benzene type30-98%
More New Material Development, Testing, Update......
Notes锛歐e accept non-standard specification orders.Air Filter Free Sample


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