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Liquid Photosynthetic Bacteria
This product is a photosynthetic bacterium with strong ability to decompose nitrous acid, which is screened and improved by our company using advanced biotechnology. The high-concentration photosynthetic bacterium produced by international advanced technology can reach more than 8 billion / ml. In addition to being used in conventional aquaculture waters, this product can also be used in high concentration in nursery waters, making it a more practical high-quality bait with purification function.
Main Ingredient
Rhodopseudomonas marsh (photosynthetic bacteria) 8 billion / ml.
Main Function
Purification Of Water Quality: Photosynthetic bacteria are bacteria that can use small molecules, nitrogen-containing compounds and various organic acids in water. They can grow and reproduce under the conditions of light and oxygen and aerobic and light. Decomposes and absorbs hydrogen sulfide, nitrite, nitrate, amine and other pollutants in the metabolism process. It has the functions of nitrogen fixation and carbon fixation, and can inhibit a large amount of oxygen consumption by spoilage bacteria at the bottom of the pool, which is particularly beneficial in The effect of putting in the bottom of the pond with a high degree of organic corruption and heavy pollution is more obvious.
High-Quality Bait: Photosynthetic bacteria are rich in protein, active antibodies, and multivitamins. After ingestion by water animals, they can change the intestinal micro-ecological environment, improve digestive system function, grow rapidly, enhance the body's non-specific immune function, and significantly improve the animal's Anti-stress and survival rate.
Indirect Aeration: During the growth and reproduction of photosynthetic bacteria, oxygen is not required and it does not release oxygen. It absorbs oxygen-consuming factors in the water body and indirectly increases the oxygen effect, and this effect is also very obvious.
Scope Of Application
Sea and freshwater aquaculture. Ginseng, crab, shellfish, fish, shrimp and other nursery and ornamental fish breeding.
1. Water Body Splashing: A. Aquaculture of adult fish, shrimp, and crabs: For the first time, use 2-5L per acre of water per acre (one meter of water depth), and then sprinkle it every fifteen days, and the amount can be halved. B. Fish, shrimp, crab and other aquatic seedlings: Use 2L per mu for the first time, and then sprinkle every 15 days, about 1-2L per mu. 鈥?/p>
2. Use Of Compound Feed: nursery feeding: fish, shrimp, crab early larval stage and shellfish, sea cucumber and other planktonic larval stage, the use of conventional bait, the amount is 3-6 liters / mu, use once a day. The other dosage is 2-3 liters / mu each time, and it is used every 2-3 days.
3. Improve Water Quality: Use good water quality, use 0.5-1L per acre (1m deep water), and splash every 7 days; Poor water quality, use 2-3L per acre (1m water depth), every Sprinkle once every 10 days or so; the water quality is seriously polluted, and it can be doubled in high temperature seasons.
1. This product is a live bacterium. Do not heat it to ensure the bacterial activity. The drug has a killing effect on it, so it cannot be used together with disinfectants and disinfectants. Water should be used after one week of disinfection.
2. Do not change water within one week of using this product. It is best to splash on a sunny morning.
3. Before use, shake the bacterial solution in the bottle and open the lid before use. It is normal for the product to appear coagulated. It can be squeezed and dispersed with gauze. When used, it is evenly diluted after being diluted with 50 times the pool water.
4. The effect is better when the water temperature is above 20 鈩?
Specifications: 1000 ml / bottle; 5000 ml / barrel;
Shelf Life
The shelf life of frozen storage is 24 months. It should be stored indoors in a cool and dark place, 3 months in summer and 6 months in spring and winter.Biological Fermentation Product factory


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