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Shenyang Xinlian Petro-Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional joint-stock enterprise specializing in manufacturing the pipe cleaning facilities and its auxiliary instruments & devices and non-standard pipe devices. Our company is located at the Daoyi Economic & Technological Development Zone of Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, P.R., China, with floor area of 35,000m2, building area of 20,000m2 and office area of 8,000m2. Its fixed assets is more than RMB350,000,000, circulating funds is more than RMB70,000,000. The company has the Manager Office, Technological R&D Department, Manufacturing Department, Quality Control Department, Business Department, After-Sales Service Department and Financial Department. It has 268 employees, including 96 technicians which shares 36% of total employees. Our company has full series of manufacturing equipments and perfect inspection and testing means, and main technical specifications and performance of its products are advanced in China. The company’s output value has gradually increased year after year, with sales volume of more than RMB170,000,000 in 2016, and it is a leader of this industry in China.
Shenyang Xinlian Petro-chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock limited company which integrates the manufacture and scientific research into one entity, and currently has several products of independent intellectual property rights:
Electronic location transmitterProduct Patent No: ZL 94 2 25390.6
Insulation joint Product Patent No: ZL 03 2 13593.9
Lock ring type closureProduct Patent No: ZL 03 2 13594.7
Buckling detectorProduct Patent No: ZL 2004 2 0032375.8
In 1999, it was an excellent supplier of Daqing Oilfield (No: 199900698);
In 2000, its products were listed as the Qualified Products by State Pipe Bureau;
In 2002, its products were listed as the Recommended Products by SINOPEC GROUP (Certificate No: SHCC2003013);
In 2003, it was approved and became the member unit of China Petroleum Sales Corporation (Energy No 1 Network) (Certificate No: 01001001264);
In 2004, it became the first enterprise in Liaoning Province, which got the Manufacture License of Special Equipment (Pressure Pipeline Equipments) (insulation joint, quick-open closure, related products for pipe pigging) issued by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China, License No: TS2721112-2013.
In 2008, it got the Design License of Class D Pressure Vessel, License No: TS1221113-2012.
In 2009, it became the first enterprise in China, which got the Manufacture License of Special Equipment (Safety Accessories and Safety Protection Devices of Pressure Vessel), License No: TSF221016-2013.
In 2009, it passed the certification of ISO9001-2008 international standard quality management system.
In 2009, it got Manufacture License of Class A1, A2 Pressure Vessel, License No: TS2210A35-2013.
(query website:
In 2009 through2012, it got the Famous Trademark Certificate of Shenyang City.
In 2010, it was awarded the Contract Performing and Promise Keeping Unit of 2009.
In 2010, it was awarded the honor certificate of independent innovation famous product of Liaoning.
Shenyang Xinlian Petro-chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. has become the long-term supplier of CNOOC for several years:
In 2003, it became the pre-reviewed unit of qualified CNOOC suppliers,
In 2004, it was listed as the Level 1 supplier by CNOOC, (query website:, Certificate No: 357.
In 2006, it was listed as the qualified supplier by SINOPEC, (query website:, Certificate No: 40011570.)
In 2009, it was listed as the Category A material supplier by China Gas Holdings Co., Ltd., (query website:, Certificate No: ZRCG2009-0046.)
Our enterprise spirit is:
Use advanced and reliable technology and with timely, considerate service to satisfy our customers.
The leading products of the company are as following:
No. Classification Description Note
1 Pipeline cleaning products and electronic instrumentsDisc, cup electronic positioning pig, rust remove pig, gauging pig, wax scraper,  combined pig, foam pig etc.Pipe cleaning products are commonly called as “ball or pig”
Electronic location transmitter, receiver, pig passage indicator, explosion-proof mechanical pig passage indicator, underground metal pipe corrosion prevention leak detectorPig supporting electronic detecting instruments
Buckling detectorPipeline deformation detecting equipment
2 Pigging equipmentsPig launcher and pig receiverSend and receive pig
Quick opening closure	
3 Pipe insulation equipmentsInsulation jointAlternative of insulation flange
4 Filtration equipmentsFine filterGas filter, liquid filter
Basket type filterCrude oil, refined oil liquid filters
Gas filterStainless steel filter element gas filter
Getter filterGas, liquid two-phase separator, with automatic exhaust valve
Cyclone separatorGas, liquid, solid three-phase separator
Cyclone separatorGas and solid two-phase separator
5 Other non-standard equipments, Ⅰ,Ⅱ,Ⅲ classes pressure vesselsGas distributorDesign and manufacture according to the requirements of owner and design institute
Flare system
High pressure water tank
Storage tank
In the pipeline construction of Daqing, Shengli, Liaohe, Dagang, Xinjiang, North China, Central China, Changqing, Yumen Oilfield and submerged pipeline of Shengli Offshore Oil Corporation and others in China, we have provided superior products and service, and received wider praises, especially in the long-distance submerged pipeline pigging technology and experience, we have gained the leading position in China. In 2008, our company designed and manufactured the first insulation joint DN1400/PN10 in China. Our company is the best among the domestic same trade in design and manufacturing technology of insulation joint. In 2009, we developed the quick opening closure of DN1500/PN10 and DN2000/PN10 which top the list of same trade. In the projects of national large natural gas pipeline networks, such as the natural gas pipeline from the western areas to East China, Shaanxi-Beijing line, Sebei–Xining–Lanzhou, Zhongyuan Oilfield–Jinan, Beijing–Shijiazhuang–Handan, Jinan-Zibo– Qingdao, Dongfang–Haikou, Hangzhou-Taihu, Hangzhou-Ningbo natural gas pipeline networks, the branch pipeline of the south Henan Province of the natural gas line from the western areas to East China, the branch pipeline of the north Henan Province of the natural gas line from the western areas to East China, natural gas pipeline network in Nanjing, natural gas pipeline network in Suzhou, natural gas pipeline network in Hangzhou, natural gas pipeline network in Shaoxing, natural gas pipeline network in Ningbo, natural gas pipeline network in Foshan, natural gas pipeline network in Shanxi, and others, we have provided high grade products and services, and have gained the praise of our customers.
We have confidence and ability to provide quality products and good services. It is our duties to make the smooth operation for the project. Major project performances in same domestic industries are as following:
Our main customers:
Submerged pipelines: The domestic large submerged pipelines such as Boxi oil and gas fields, Bonan oil and gas fields, Bozhong 26-2 oil and gas fields, 19-3 oil and gas fields, 17-2 oil and gas fields, Suizhong 361-1 oil and gas fields, Qinhuangdao 32-6, Hainan Dongfang 1-1, Daishan oil and gas fields, Donglian Shell, BZ-25-1, Chunxiao oil and gas fields, Donghai Pinghu oil and gas fields.
Port storage pipelines: Zhuhai Winbase International Chemical Tank Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Petrochemical Terminal, Guangzhou Dongma grain and oil storage, Orinoco oil depot in Zhanjiang dock , CNOOC and Shell Nanhai Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Huizhou Huade Oil Depot, Shanghai (Jinshan) Vopak Port Co., Ltd, Tianjin Vopak Port Co., ltd., Shandong Rizhao Vopak Port Co., ltd., Shanghai Secco Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Jinxiang Petrochemical Storage Co., Ltd., Shanghai Fuel (Pudong) Co., Ltd., Nanjing Oude Storage Co., Ltd., Yangzhou Winbase International Chemical Tank Co., ltd., Netherlands Mobil, Dalian Beiliang Port Oil Depot, Dalian Port Plant Oil Storage, Tianjin Jiali Oils & Grains Industrial Co., Ltd., Zhoushan Zhonghai Oils & Grains Industrial Co., Ltd., Tianjin Longwei Oils & Grains Industrial Co., Ltd., Zhongsheng (Dongguan) Oils & Grains Storage, Zhongsheng (Tianjin) Oils & Grains Storage, Yingkou Oils & Grains dock, storage projects of LG Bohai Chemicals (Tianjin) LG Chemicals Co., Ltd., Sinopec Baishawan Oil Depot construction project, Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd., SPC—SECCO Dock Materials Transmission Project, PetroChina Huadong lubricating oil plant Yangtze River wharf-Oil Depot, Tianjin Petrochemical Sales Company Nanjiang Oil Dock, Shenzhen Guanghui Oil Depot, Taishan Petrochemical dock, Xiaohu Petrochemical dock Co., Ltd., Gangfa Dock Co., Ltd., Zhongnaihui Chemical Storage Company, Sinopec (Guangdong) Zhanjiang Sanlingshan Oil Depot Storage, Sinopec (Guangdong) Yangjiang Oil Depot Storage, Sinopec (Guangdong) Enping Oil Depot Storage, Sinopec (Guangdong) Heshan Zhishan Oil Depot Storage, Sinopec (Guangdong) Huangbian Oil Depot Storage, Sinopec Shunde Feie Oil Depot Storage, Guangzhou Huangpu Oil Depot Storage, Guangzhou Changgang Oil Depot Storage,Sinopec (Shenzhen) Dapeng bay Oil Depot Storage, Sinopec (Shenzhen) Mawan Oil Depot Storage, Sinopec (Huizhou) Daya Bay Zehua Oil Depot Storage, Sinopec Zhongshan Zhangjiabian Oil Depot Storage, Sinopec (Zhuhai) Tangjia Oil Depot Storage, Sinopec Zhuhai Nanmen Oil Depot Storage, Foshan Fuwan Oil Depot Storage, Foshan Xinxi Oil Depot Storage, Foshan Beicun Oil Depot Storage, Guangzhou Huadu Oil Depot Storage, Lisha Oils Storage and Transportation Depot Project, and other projects.
Natural Gas Pipelines: The gas pipeline projects of Yulin-Jinan, The west area to east China, Shanxi-Beijing, Sebei-Xi'ning-Lanzhou, Zhongyuan-Jinan, Beijing-Shijiazhuang-Handan, Jinan-Zibo-Qingdao, Dongfang-Haikou, Hangzhou-Taihu, Hangzhou-Ningbo. Hebei natural gas pipeline network, Shaanxi natural gas pipeline network, Anhui natural gas pipeline network, Zhejiang natural gas pipeline network, Shanxi natural gas pipeline network, Guangdong natural gas pipeline network of CNOOC, Guangdong Dapeng LNG, Fujian LNG, Shanghai LNG, South Henan branch of the west area to east China gas pipeline, North Henan branch of the west area to east China gas pipeline, Nanjing natural gas pipeline network, Suzhou natural gas pipeline network, Hangzhou natural gas pipeline network, Shaoxing natural gas pipeline network, Ningbo natural gas pipeline network, Foshan natural gas pipeline network, Ma’anshan natural gas pipeline network, Nanjing branch of Sichuan to east China gas pipeline, Jinling petrochemical branch of Sichuan to east China gas pipeline, Qinling-Shenyang natural gas pipeline, Yangzi branch of Sichuan to east China gas pipeline, Huangmei-Jiujiang branch of Sichuan to east China gas pipeline, Jiangxi natural gas pipeline network, Yantai natural gas pipeline network and Songnan gas field.
Crude Oil Pipelines: Niger AGADEM Oil Field Surface Facilities Development project, Niger crude oil pipeline project, Dongying-Linyi double oil pipelines, Dongying-Linyi oil pipeline, Korla-Shanshan oil pipeline, Sultan oil pipeline of CNPC, Ma-Guang oil pipeline of Sinopec (Guangdong), submerged pipeline of Pinghu oil & gas field at China East Sea, Daqing-Haerbin Refinery, Liaohe-Liaoyang Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, Cangzhou to Tianjin pipeline of Sinopec, Tianjin-Yanjing pipeline of Sinopec, Zhong-Luo pipeline of Sinopec, Cangzhou-Renqiu pipeline of Sinopec, Cangzhou-Linyi pipeline of Sinopec, Renqiu-Baoding pipeline of CNPC, Ningbo-Shanghai-Nanjing pipeline, Yizheng-Changling pipeline along the river, Zhoushan national oil reserve base , Zhenhai national oil reserve base and Huangdao national oil reserve base projects, etc.
Petroleum Products Pipelines: Lanzhou-Chengdu–Chongqing petroleum products pipeline, aviation fuel pipeline of Hainan Meilan Airport, aviation fuel pipeline of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, Hangzhou-Ningbo petroleum products pipeline of Zhejiang Oils Storage and Transportation Co., Ltd., Jingmen-Jingzhou petroleum products pipeline, Golmud-Lhasa petroleum products pipeline reformation, petroleum products pipeline of pearl river delta, petroleum products pipeline of the great southwest, Henan Luoyang-Zhengzhou-Zhumadian oil product pipeline, petroleum products pipeline in Beijing surrounding areas, Jinjiahu petroleum products pipeline, Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan petroleum products pipeline, Jiangxi Jiujiang-Nanchang-Zhangzhou petroleum products pipeline, Shandong-Anhui petroleum products pipeline phase II project, Lanzhou petroleum products double pipeline of CNPC, Kunming-Dali, Liuzhou-Guilin petroleum products pipelines of Sinopec, Huanghuagang-Zhongjie petroleum & chemical products transportation of CNOOC, Lanzhou-Zhengzhou-Changsha petroleum products pipeline and Santanghu petroleum products pipeline.China pig locating transmitter


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