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Different shapes grinding wheel
Product Display:
Technical Data:
Different sizes straight disc grinding wheel
Size D * H * D (mm)6鈥?16鈥?/p>
Brand NameHAMBO
Born Diameter12.7-32(mm)/32-127(mm)
Abrasive GrainPA/WA/GC/A,etc
Bonding AgnetVitrified
ShapeFlat, Cup, Bowl,etc
ColorGreen, White, Pink, etc
Max Speed35m/s
UsageFor polishing, etc
Main Usage:
Brown Aluminum OxideIt is suitable for grinding medium and high tensile strength metal.
White Aluminum OxideIt is used for grinding harder material and metals sensitive to heat such as chilled steel, high carbon steel, ordinary high speed steel, alloy steel ,It is mainly suitable for the grinding and forming grinding of instrument, cutting tools, mould, gears, threads ,thin-wall parts, etc.
Pink Aluminum OxideIt is suitable for the grinding of chilled steel, cutting tools and workpieces of alloy steel as well as the precision grinding of measuring tools and parts of instruments and appratus, etc.
Monocrystalline Aluminum OxideIt is suitable for the grinding of stainless steel , high vanadium-high speed steel and the workpieces in high toughness and being easily-deformed and burnt.
Mixture of A and WAIt is suitable for the grinding of nodular cast iron crankshaft, cam shafts and other workpieces.
Green silicon carbideIt is suitable for the grinding of cutting tools and workpieeces of hard alloy, and non-metal materials, etc.
Black silicon carbideIt is suitable for the grinding of non-ferrous and non-metal materials.
Product Process:
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