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Product introduction:
Cast floating ball valve is produced by casting valve body, casts can reduce the cost in raw material via making mould, also it can reduce the machine cost and save delivery time. most of cast floating ball valves are two piece design, so they have the same construction and performance.
Anti-static design for floating ball valve is mainly because most of the ball valve is installed in oil/gas industry, the chemical and petroleum pipeline medium is inflammable and explosive. This design of ball valve can avoid the fire and explosion caused by electrostatic spark with the pipeline after being equipped with anti-static device.
We have 5 founderies who supply us casts, they are the best in China and supply us carbon steel, stainless steel, and alloy steel separately, this is the reason we can make fast delivery compare other valve factory.
Products Description:
Size: 1/2"-10"
Pressure: 150LB-600LB
Ball Type: Floating type
Valve Seat: PTFE / RPTFE / NYLON/PPL / PEEK / DEVLON, etc.
Operation: Lever/Gear/ActuatorFloating Ball Valve


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