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Factory NO.MT-BZ1901
Position:Front suspension, Lower control arm
OE NO:L: 2463304700 2463301707
R: 2463304800 2463301807
    A CLASS (W176) 2012-
    B CLASS (W246, W242) 2011-
    CLA (COUPE C117) 2013-
    CLA  (SHOOTING BRAKE X117) 2015-
Fitting Position: Front suspension, Lower, available left and right
Material: Forging aluminum + Rubber
Including parts:  ball joint*1,  bushing*2
Weight: 2.8kg
Surface treatment process: Sandblasting
Car Model:
A-CLASS (W176) A 160 (176.041) 2015- M 270.910
A-CLASS (W176) A 160 CDI / d (176.011) 2013- OM 607.951
A-CLASS (W176) A 180 (176.042) 2012- M 270.910
A-CLASS (W176) A 180 CDI (176.000) 2012- OM 651.901
A-CLASS (W176) A 180 CDI / d (176.012) 2012- OM 607.951
A-CLASS (W176) A 200 (176.043) 2012- M 270.910
A-CLASS (W176) A 200 CDI (176.001) 2012- OM 651.901
A-CLASS (W176) A 200 CDI / d (176.008) 2014- OM 651.930
A-CLASS (W176) A 200 CDI / d 4-matic (176.002) 2014- OM 651.930
A-CLASS (W176) A 220 4-matic (176.047) 2014- M 270.920Mercedes Control Arm


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