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Part One:Description of silicon calcium alloy
Silicon calcium alloy obtained by using silica, lime and coke as raw materials through a 1500-1800 degree strong reducing atmosphere. The binary alloy composed of silicon and calcium belongs to the category of ferroalloys. Its main components are silicon and calcium, and also contains different amounts of impurities such as iron, aluminum, carbon, sulfur and phosphorus. In steel industry it is used as calcium additives, deoxidizers, desulfurizers and denaturants for non-metallic inclusions. In cast iron industry it is used as an inoculant and denaturant.
Part Two: Usage
Owning to calcium own a strong affinity with oxygen, sulfur, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon in the molten steel, the silicon-calcium alloy is mainly used for deoxidizing, degassing and fixing sulfur in the molten steel.Silicon calcium added to the molten steel produces a strong exothermic effect.Calcium becomes calcium vapor in the molten steel, which has a stirring effect on the molten steel and is beneficial to the floating of non-metallic inclusions. After deoxidation of the silicon-silicon alloy, non-metallic inclusions with large particles and easy to float are produced, and the shape and properties of the non-metallic inclusions are also changed.Therefore, silicon calcium alloy is used to produce clean steel, high-quality steel with low oxygen and sulfur content, and special performance steel with extremely low oxygen and sulfur content.
The addition of silicon-calcium alloy can eliminate the problems such as the nodule formation of steel with aluminum as the final deoxidizer in the ladle nozzle, and the clogging of the nozzle of the intermediate tank of continuous steel casting
In the steel refining technology outside the furnace, deoxidization and desulfurization are carried out with silicon calcium powder or core wire, so that the content of oxygen and sulfur in the steel is reduced to a very low level; the form of sulfide in the steel can also be controlled, and the utilization rate of calcium is also improved.
In the production of cast iron, in addition to deoxidation and purification, the silicon-calcium alloy also plays a role in helping to form fine-grained or spherical graphite; making graphite evenly distributed in gray cast iron, reducing white mouth tendency an increasing silicon, desulfurization; To improve the quality of cast iron.
Part Three : Main Tech Data
ModelChemical Content %
Part Four: Package
1.Generally our package is 1MT jumbo bags. 25MT/20鈥橣CL
2.As per customers鈥?requirement
Part Five:Company HonorMetallurgy Chemical suppliers


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